World Congress Integrative Medicine & Health 2017: part three - Berlin, Germany. 3-5 May 2017

Ortiz, Miriam and Schnabel, Katharina and Teut, Michael and Rotter, Gabriele and Binting, Sylvia and Cree, Margit and Lotz, Fabian and Suhr, Ralf and Brinkhaus, Benno and Parvizi, Mohammad M. and Handjani, Farhad and Zarshenas, Mohammad M. and Moein, Mahmood R. and Nimrouzi, Majid and Hatam, Gholamreza and Hasanzadeh, Jafar and Hamidizadeh, Nasrin and Heydari, Mojtaba and Namazi, Mohammad R. and Parvizi, Zahra and Pasalar, Mehdi and Mosaffa-Jahromi, Maryam and Bagheri-Lankarani, Kamran and Afsharypuor, Suleiman and Tamaddon, Ali M. and Ostovar, Mohadeseh and Peloni, Giuseppe and Bolliger, Ingo and Faria, Rui M. Da Cunha and Quadri, Pierluigi and Sanzeni, Wilma and Zemp, Damiano and Risvoll, Hilde and Giverhaug, Trude and Halvorsen, Kjell H. and Waaseth, Marit and Musial, Frauke and Rossi, Elio and Baccetti, Sonia and Picchi, Marco and Conti, Tommaso and Firenzuoli, Fabio and Guido, Carmelo and Bosco, Filippo and Panozzo, Marialessandra and Cervino, Chiara and Nurra, Linda and Traversi, Antonella and Vuono, Katia and Sabatini, Federica and Bellandi, Tommaso and Rutert, Britta and Eggert, Angelika and Seifert, Georg and Stritter, Wiebke and Holmberg, Christine and Längler, Alfred and Salamonsen, Anita and Wiesener, Solveig and Schad, Friedemann and Steele, Megan and Kröz, Matthias and Matthes, Harald and Herbstreit, Cornelia and Thronicke, Anja and Schlingensiepen, Irene and von Schoen-Angerer, Tido and Schneider, Romy and Waeber, Livia and Vagedes, Jan and Kaczala, Gregor and Pharisa, Cosette and Wildhaber, Johannes and Huber, Benedikt and Sidorov, Pavel and Sovershaeva, Evgeniya and Simões-Wüst, Ana P. and Nietlispach, Anna and Mennet, Mónica and Schnelle, Martin and von Mandach, Ursula and Wang, Xia and Woo, Hye L. and Lee, Jin M. and Wu, Yuhao and Cho, Yumin and Yun, Younghee and Kim, Hyunho and Jung, Wonmo and Jang, Bo-Hyung and Ziea, Eric and Hui, Henny and Li, Mia and Tsui, Dora and Lam, Christine and Hsieh, Joyce and Chan, Edith and Balneaves, Lynda and Burnside, Sandra and Doyle, Ethel and Dorazio, Shelley and Chan, Pak K. and Bhagra, Anjali and Chen, Po-Hsu and Chung, Vincent C. H. and Wu, Justin C. Y. and Lin, Zhi X. and Wong, Wendy and Wu, Xin Y. and Ho, Robin S. T. and Wong, Charlene H. L. and Chan, Lily and Ziea, Eric T. C. and Elder, William and Cardarelli, Roberto and Kaspar, Cornelia and Kempenich, Robert and Kopferschmitt, Jacques and Marinko, Zulj and Damir, Sebo and Vcev, Aleksandar and Monezi, Ricardo and Ruggerini, Eny Márcia and Fuchigami, Ivna M. and Mazini, Ana C. Moreno and Oliveira, Maria Waldenez and Papuga, Petar and Schloss, Janet and Steel, Amie and Jacobsen, Márcia da Silva and Jacobsen, Miranda Rodrigo and Mangini, Maria T. and Trapani, Gianfranco and Di Giampietro, Tiziana and Zanino, Luisella and Ciullo, Luigi and Lanaro, Diego and Cerritelli, Francesco and Macrì, Francesco and Tsai, Andre and Lin, Chin and Wu, Tu-Hsing and D’Alessandro, Eduardo and Watts, Sam and Zhang, Ying and Wu, Xufang and Li, Xun and Fei, Yutong and Liu, Jianping and Zhao, Nanqi and Jia, Liyan and Yan, Xiaoyi and Zhen, Fei and Liu, Zhaolan and Ahn, Jinhyang and AlEidi, Sulaiman and Mohamed, Ashry Gad and Al-Beda, Abdullah M. and Abutalib, Raid A. and Khalil, Mohemmed K. M. and Amri, Hakima and Badekila, Sathyanarayana and Behmanesh, Elham and Mozaffarpour, Seyyedali and Shirooye, Pantea and Meybodi, Razie N. and Mokaberinejad, Roshanak and Tansaz, Mojgan and Daneshfard, Babak and Hosseinkhani, Ayda and Tafazoli, Vahid and Jaladat, Amir M. and Sadeghi, Hasan and Zhou, Li and Zhao, Meng and Li, Weiwei and Larsen, Anette L. and Kristoffersen, Agnete E. and Hamran, Torunn and Evjen, Bjørg and Stub, Trine and Li, Meiling and Cai, Jianxiong and Lu, Taoying and Yin, Lingjia and Wu, Darong and Wang, Lixin and Liew, Siaw M. and Liu, Tiegang and Bai, Chen and Zheng, Zian and Wan, Yuxiang and Xu, Jingnan and Wang, Xuan and Yu, He and Gu, Xiaohong and Yang, Guoyan and Ostrowski, Deja and Fox, Kealoha and Tabatabei, Fatemeh and Amini, Fatemeh and Sathasivampillai, Saravanan and Rajamanoharan, Pholtan and Munday, Michael and Heinrich, Michael and Scherrer, Yvonne M. and Szuter, Carolyn and Tabatabaei, Fatemeh and Tavakoli, Ali and Tavakoli, Fatemeh and rostami, Mahsa and Torri, Maria C. and Walach, Harald and Warner, Faith and Majumdar, Anne and Serasingh, Palitha and Abbing, Annemarie and Ponstein, Anne and Baars, Erik and Croke, Sarah and Hanser, Suzanne and Heckel, Viola and Krüerke, Daniel and Weiss, Sebastian and Metzner, Susanne and Lee, Jang W. and Hyun, Min K. and Masetti, Morgana and Oepen, Renate and Gruber, Harald and Heusser, Peter and Pelz, Holger and Perlitz, Volker and Robinson, Nicola and Ronan, Patricia and Mian, Awais and Madge, Su and Lorenc, Ava and Agent, Penny and Carr, Siobhan and Winnubst, Monica E. and Abolghasemi, Jafar and Fedi, Paolo and Di Stefano, Mariella and Belvedere, Katia and Beaven, Katherine and Rose, Anita and Florschutz, Gerhard and Phil, Nicola Brough and Parsons, Helen and Stewart-Brown, Sarah and Burke, Katherine and Busch, Martine and Heyning, Fenna and Smit, Jan and Jeekel, Hans and de Goeij, Hans and Guido, Paulo Caceres and Barraza, Norma and Balbarrey, Ziomara and Ribas, Alejandra and Jimenez, Beatriz and Iachino, Claudia and Quattrone, Fabiana and Gaioli, Marisa and Dell’Orso, Marta and Villanueva, Silvia and Rocha, Carmen and Macchi, Adriana and Chen, Lina and Wang, Sicheng and Choi, Eunji and Go, Namgyeong and Lee, Yongho and Dahal, Gokarna and Frauenknecht, Xaver and Gerhardt, Heike and Galanti, Mónica and Cerda, Carmen J. and Heckersdorf, Daniela Navarrete and Jorquera, Héctor and Saldivia, María L. Alcázar and Jakubonienė, Daiva and McEwen, Bradley and Melo, Francislete and Fontana, Fernanda Mulinari and Valle, Ana C. Viana and Neres, Maria T. Borges and Mohagheghzadeh, Abolali and Zohalinezhad, Mohammad E. and Njaradi, Olja and Dunjic, Momir and Pokladnikova, Jitka and Selke-Krulichova, Iva and Seo, Jinsoon and Jang, Hyunchul and Moltó-Puigmartí, Carolina and van Dongen, Martien and Dagnelie, Pieter and Thijs, Carel and Tihanyi, Eva and Hegyi, Gabriella and Tong, Xiaolin (2017) World Congress Integrative Medicine & Health 2017: part three - Berlin, Germany. 3-5 May 2017. BioMed Central.

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