The kinetics of fluoride uptake by synthetic hydroxyapatite

Gomwe, T and Booth, S.E. and Nicholson, John W. (2012) The kinetics of fluoride uptake by synthetic hydroxyapatite. Ceramics-Silikaty, 56 (1). pp. 85-88. ISSN 08625468

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The kinetics of fluoride uptake by synthetic hydroxyapatite from aqueous solution has been studied. Experiments involved exposing 0.1 g of synthetic hydroxyapatite to 5 cm3 of sodium fluoride solution in the concentration range 100-1000 ppm fluoride and determining fluoride concentration at regular time intervals with a fluoride ion-selective electrode. In all cases, uptake was found to follow pseudo-second order kinetics with correlation coefficients of at least 0.998; all systems equilibrated by 24 hours with equilibrium uptake values that varied with the initial fluoride concentration. The kinetic results differ from those previously reported for much lower concentrations of fluoride, but in the present case, the concentrations were of clinical relevance, as they are those used in fluoride-containing dental products. Further work is necessary to determine how well these findings model uptake by natural hydroxyapatite and hence the extent to which they might apply in vivo.

Item Type: Journal Article
Uncontrolled Keywords: Fluoride; Sorption; Kinetics; Hydroxyapatite; Pseudo-second order
Subjects: 500 Natural sciences & mathematics > 540 Chemistry
School/Department: School of Sport, Health and Applied Science
Depositing User: John Nicholson
Date Deposited: 18 Sep 2012 14:14
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