St Mary’s University encourages deposit to the Open Research Archive of all research outputs and publications relating to research done at the University. These include, but are not limited to, journal articles, conference papers and proceedings, book chapters, monographs, reports, reviews, working papers, theses, datasets, audio-visual and mixed media materials and software.

In order to comply with the REF2021 Open Access, authors are required to deposit a copy of the Author Accepted Manuscript (also known as ‘post-print’) of all journal articles or conference contribution (with an ISSN) immediately on acceptance for publication. The publisher may specify a period of time, known as a publisher’s embargo, before the article can be made openly available from the repository. The Open Access team will check that all deposits comply with publishers’ embargo requirements and apply an embargo within the Archive for the specified period.  During the embargo period the metadata (item record), including the abstract, will be publicly available but the full text will not be viewable or downloadable, until after the end of the embargo.

Research content may be deposited in the Archive by members of University staff and post graduate researchers. The validity, authenticity and legality of all deposits remain the sole responsibility of the author.

The Open Access team will temporarily remove any items that are perceived to violate third party copyright or intellectual property rights, pending an investigation.