About the St Mary's Open Research Archive

The St Mary’s University Open Research Archive provides a single point of access to all research outputs created by the university's staff and postgraduate researchers. The Archive is an Open Access repository, and the full-text of research outputs is provided on this site wherever possible. Where it is possible to provide the full-text, the Digital Object Identifier (DoI) link is provided to the Version of Record, allowing the user to locate the publisher’s copy of the research.

All full text research outputs provided via the Open Research Archive remain the property of the copyright holder. Reuse is permitted for non-commercial private study and research only.

Adding your research outputs to the Open Research Archive has many advantages to the researcher, including:

The Open Research Archive is designed to allow St Mary’s researchers to deposit their research outputs on the site themselves; once the author has deposited their content, Research Support staff within the Library & Learning Technology department will add descriptive information (metadata) to the record before publishing it and making it accessible to a worldwide audience.

More Information for St Mary's Staff

Please visit the Open Access information pages on the University's StaffNet site for more details and assistance.

Contact Information

The Open Research Archive is managed by the Library Services Department at St Mary's University.

If you have any queries about the Open Research Archive please email openaccess@stmarys.ac.uk.

For general information about St Mary's University please visit our external website.

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