St Mary’s University Research Publications and Open Access Policy

St Mary’s University Research Publications and Open Access Policy sets out the requirements for Open Access to research publications produced by researchers at St Mary’s University. The University is committed to maximising the visibility, citation, usage and impact of research by ensuring that the outputs of its researchers are available openly, wherever possible, in line with the University’s corporate objectives.

The University supports the principle that the findings of publicly-funded research should be made available as widely as possible in line with prevailing Open Access policies of research funding bodies and the REF2021.

The Open Research Archive ensures an enduring, comprehensive record of all research activity and outputs of the University.

The majority of items within the Archive are available as Open Access and can be used and re-used according to the Creative Commons licence, if any, displayed in the record. Some items may be restricted or under a temporary publisher’s embargo and interested researchers may request a copy using the ‘Request a copy’ button appearing on the item record.

Notice and Takedown Policy

St Mary’s University takes all reasonable steps to ensure that content on the Open Research Archive complies with UK law. However, if a complaint is received in writing that any particular content infringes intellectual property or any other rights, the Open Access team will review the complaint.

To register a complaint, please email the Open Access Team at with the following information:

  • Your contact details
  • Details of the item, including the title, author and URL of the item
  • Description of your complaint including evidence or proof

We will acknowledge receipt of the complaint and make an initial assessment of the validity. If the complaint is deemed invalid, no action will be taken and the complainant will be notified.

If the complaint is deemed valid, the item record may temporarily be removed from public view, pending further investigation.

The Depositor will be notified that the content is subject to a complaint and will be requested to attend to, and if possible resolve, the complaint. Depending on the outcome, the record will either be reinstated, altered or removed from the Archive. The complainant will be notified of the outcome.

If appropriate, the complaint may be referred to, and investigated by, the University’s legal office. Depending on the outcome of the investigation the item may be permanently removed from public view, altered or reinstated in the Archive. The complainant will be notified of the outcome.