Nakba: Limpiez étnica, lucha por la historia

Masalha, Nur (2012) Nakba: Limpiez étnica, lucha por la historia. Biblioteca del Islam contemporáneo (43). Ediciones Bellaterra, Barcelona. ISBN 978 84 7290 596 2

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Nakba. Ethnic cleansing, fight for history It was not the only, but one of the most ruthless and complete ethnic cleansing in modern history: established Zionist settlers in Palestine, after a more than dubious UN declaration, in 1948 defeated the Arab armies and expelled by military the most ancient inhabitants of what is now the state of Israel. There followed a brutal memoricide: villages were razed and its ruins were planted forests (European style, homeland of many of the Zionist settlers and, of course, your elite), is Hebraicized toponymy, substituting the names other populations, often supposedly biblical Palestinians were destroyed files and rewrote history to erase the memory of the people who had lived, worked and been there for almost 1500 years. This work of Nur Masalha rigor chilling exposes the characteristics and dimensions of the total devastation that was submitted to the Palestinians, their property and their history. But it also shows and analyzes the cultural resistance, through the claim of self-history story turned into the "wretched of the earth" - based on oral testimony, often with significant gender components. This makes a call to the universal consciousness, a denunciation of the horrors of nationalist ethnicity, transfigured into "murderous identity" and the record of existence of a people who refused to leave his post in the world. [Google translation of publisher detail]

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