Faith and Unbelief: A Theology of Atheism

Bullivant, Stephen (2013) Faith and Unbelief: A Theology of Atheism. Faith Going Deeper . Canterbury Press, Norwich. ISBN 9781848252806

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Most Christian books on atheism set out to critique the writings of well-known figures such as Richard Dawkins and Christopher Hitchens, who represent one, albeit very vocal, expression of a more pervasive, subtle and widespread phenomenon that exerts a powerful influence in many areas of public life. This book is distinct in offering a rounded understanding of the development of atheism, its many faces, and a guide to the topics at the interface between the Christian faith and our modern-day culture of unbelief. It asks: Can a rational person still believe in God? What does the rise in atheism in Christian countries say about the church? Can unbelieving friends and family members be saved? How can Christians present the gospel in a world of unbelief? In exploring the roots and reasons for atheism, and key questions of dialogue and evangelism, this will equip Christians for serious engagement with today's many forms of atheism.

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