An Introduction to Christian Theology: Biblical, Classical, Contemporary

Towey, Anthony (2013) An Introduction to Christian Theology: Biblical, Classical, Contemporary. T&T Clark, London. ISBN 9780567045447

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There has long been a need for a comprehensive but truly introductory single authored textbook in theology. By introducing the reader to biblical, doctrinal and historical dimensions of Christianity, and by illustrating the same with selections from primary texts, this book will provide an excellent grounding in theology for both students of the discipline and the general reader. The work will familiarize the reader with key 'tools' for the scientific study of theology. The book will endeavour both to affirm the rationale behind Christian thinking in the Catholic tradition whilst familiarizing the reader with the significant contrary positions. The reader/student will be given essential grounding in biblical theology and hermeneutics to enable them to read Judeo-Christian scripture intelligently. The key testimonies regarding Jesus Christ will be scrutinized. The reader will be given essential grounding in the emergence of doctrinal orthodoxy and the later disagreements which have shaped contemporary Christianity. The reader will be familiarized with key dimensions of current Christian thinking in its dialogue with modernity.

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Additional Information: Contents: INTRODUCTION AND TANAK 1. THEOLOGY - Thoughtful conversation about God 2. GENESIS - God, Creation and Humanity 3. TORAH - Covenant, Exodus and the Law 4. NEB'IM - Prophets, Kings & Exile 5. KETUBIM - Priests, Poets & Wisdom NEW TESTAMENT 6. GOSPELS - Jesus as Messiah 7. GOSPELS - Theology of the Kingdom 8. GOSPELS - Death & Resurrection 9. ACTS - The Way of the Lord 10. PAUL - Religious Revolutionary 11. JOHN - Theology & Witness CLASSICAL 12. CANON - Scriptures & Theology 13. CREED - Kerygma to Creed 14. COUNCILS - Councils & Controversy 15. ECCLESIOLOGY - New Israel, New Church, New Empire? 16. CLASSICAL - Augustine, Anselm, Aquinas 17. SACRAMENTS - Biblical & Scholastic Synthesis 18. REFORMATION - Ecclesiology in Three Dimensions MODERN AND CONTEMPORARY 19. THEOLOGY 'versus' PHILOSOPHY 20. THEOLOGY 'versus' SCIENCE 21. THEOLOGY 'versus' ANTHROPOLOGY 22. DIALOGUES in Different Voices 23. DIALOGUES in Ethics 24. DIALOGUES in Faith 25. DIALOGUE & the Future
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